PR Friendly!

As with most Mom’s, I love products.  Anything that will make my life easier, healthier, entertain my kids/pets/hubby/me, or offer an escape from the everyday grind, and I’m the first in line to grab it.  With the variety of skills, ages, sex, and hobbies in our family this covers a very broad range.    Books, electronics, household gadgets, tools, health & beauty, toys, just to name a few.  Products are a huge part of our everyday life, thus anything, new or old, is important to us.  We all love finding new stuff!  If you feel your product might be a good fit, please feel free to contact me to arrange a review and/or giveaway.

Reviews are based strictly on my own opinion of the product, as such I will require at least one full sized item to review.  It is, however, highly recommended that you provide 2 full sized items so that we can offer the 2nd as a prize in conjunction with the review.  The larger the giveaway prize, the more exposure your product will receive.  In the case of books, we prefer a hard copy to an ebook.  Giveaways attract much more attention for your product and thus it is in your best interest.  Product shipping to myself, and winner of giveaway is the responsibility of the sponsor.

While the review will be based on my opinion, we can discuss current advertising goals for your product and tailor the review & giveaway accordingly.

A few examples: Is there a specific launch date that you would like to coincide?  Are you looking for more Facebook followers?   Are there certain aspects you would like us to focus on?

We can help with these types of goals by building them into the giveaway.  All giveaways will be promoted through my followers, other blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other various contest sites.  We can not guarantee numbers, but we will always do our very best to promote your product to the fullest.  We are interested in building a mutually beneficial relationship with our sponsors.



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