Run From Fear – Book Review

30 Mar

Book #1

The first time in a long time that I’ve read anything that wasn’t paranormal in some way.  I used to read the popular murder/mystery books, you know like James Patterson, Sue Grafton, etc, but after a while they get boring, not a lot of individuality in those books. Maybe it’s just that I’ve been away from them long enough to enjoy the mystery again, but I really liked these books.  They combine a good mystery, horror, and suspense with steaming hot romance.  I was pretty amazed at how much was jammed in them.

Book #2

They are all very well written, with clear, concise plot points that leave a trail of breadcrumbs for the reader to follow.  I also love the idea of how this trilogy works.  Generally a series will follow one main character and their exploits, this trilogy centers on the bad guys and the cause and effect relationship of their actions, it’s the glue that holds the three books together.  It was a unique and interesting difference.  The main characters are all somewhat related but again it really counts on the over all big bads in this world and how they cause so much pain for so many people.

Book #3

I’m a romance girl at heart, I have to have it, but I refuse to read general romance because it bores me silly.  You get nothing but book after book of happily ever after with not much difference to how each and every couple gets there.  I need plot with my romance, and this trilogy delivers in spades.  We get three completely different couples that are unique individuals with their own path to happiness, as it would be in the real world.  They each have their own demons to bear, and go about life in their own ways.  I very much appreciated three books that even though they followed relatively the same formula, didn’t feel at all stale considering I read all three back to back.

I am now a huge Jami Alden fan and plan to read everything she’s ever written!  I had a feeling some of the men we met during book three had previous stories and when I looked into her other books, sure enough, there they were.  See the beginings of Danny, Ethan, and Derek in the Gemini Men trilogy by Jami Alden.

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