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29 Mar

SQUEEEE!!!!  As nervous as I am about this book, it kind of surprised me at how excited I got when I saw the cover reveal for it.  Karen Marie Moning’s ‘Iced’ cover looks fecking amazing!  The book will be released October 30th, 2012.

Fever series, Book 6, Iced.

I did hear back from KMM when I posted on her FB page asking how old Dani will be in the series.  She responded that only a day will have passed between the end of ShadowFever, and the beginning of Iced.  That would make Dani 14 years old for these books.  I then proceeded to ask if that meant the books would be more urban fantasy based than Fever as they had a healthy dose of romance to them, and she sort of side stepped the question by telling me to think of them as the same as Fever with a different narrator.

Thea Harrison also revealed the cover for the latest in her Elder Races series.  I’ve only read the first book so far, but it’s a fabulous PNR, and the covers for the latest two are superb, so I’m anxious to get on with the rest.

Click book cover to go to Thea Harrison's blog

Another series that’s on my TBR list that I’ve heard great things about is The Downside Ghosts by Stacia Kane, who’s latest, Sacrificial Magic, was just released a couple of days ago.  I’m hoping to get to this one soon too.  So many good books so little time.

Click book cover to go to Stacia Kane's web site.

One of the most exciting releases this month though is the 10th book of the Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward.  As with Iced, I’m really not sure of how I feel about this instalment of the series.  If you’ve read the BDB, you know that this is Tohr’s book, and you will know what Tohr’s history is.  At the beginning, in Dark Lover, none of us would have ever dreamed that Tohrment would be getting his own book.  Later events proved the necessity, but I really didn’t think it would come about so soon.  More than that, the pairing that’s been worked out for him doesn’t really interest me.  We got to know No’one a little in the last book, and I just don’t see how she could be a good match.  My suspicions were confirmed when I read Under The Covers review of Lover Reborn.  While I still love the books, the romance in the last book didn’t do anything for me, and I’m expecting the same here, which  Now having said all of this, I still need my Brother fix, so I’ll be reading it anyhow.  I just hope JR Ward being the master storyteller that she is, will make it up to us.  Lover Reborn was released March 27th, have you gotten your hands on it yet?  What did you think?

Lover Reborn, book 10 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

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