Black Magic Sanction – The Hollows #8

19 Mar

If you’re following along with my Hollows review you’ll notice I skipped right over book #7.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m reading them one after another, or if it just wasn’t that great, but I didn’t like it much.  It felt like a filler book, and there wasn’t much advancement in the over all story arc.  Funny enough, it had the most defined arc I’ve seen yet in a Hollows novel, but none of it was important to the big picture.  There was some resolution to Kisten’s death as they find his killer but it was very anti climactic.  I can’t really say much more than that without giving it away, but I felt like it could have been so much more.

Thankfully the 8th book was outstanding!  Loved it to bits and pieces, and it got me excited about the series again.

In this 8th instalment of The Hollows series Rachel is up against her own people.  Having been accused of being a black witch, and shunned by her community, they are now taking it to the next level by trying to incarcerate and chemically castrate her.  Uh, good luck with that 😉  It was a fun ride watching Rachel dodge several bullets, and get out of more scrapes than ever before.  She seems to be coming to terms with who she is, and it’s nice to watch her grow up.

We see the return of Nick, and I still think that forcing him into the bad guy role is contrived and doesn’t feel real.  I heard Kim Harrison say that Trent was supposed to be the over all, big bad, so I imagine Nick was not originally supposed to be what he’s turned into, and that is likely why it feels false.  The parting with Nick surprised the crap out of me, and again it felt off.

Lots of Al in this book, and he is really really growing on me.  It seems that Al is interested in Rachel as more than just a student, but he’s willing to bide his time as he realizes that Rachel will likely live forever.  Something she will not admit to herself is probably true.

The background with Trent was very sweet.  I loved to see that they have a history together that both are just starting to remember.  He was however still that arse that he usually is, and I can’t quite get why Rachel keeps going back, although KM tried to fill in those reasons here, it’s still a lot to ask us to overlook.  Again, I think it goes back to her initial intentions and the organic feel of the characters.  Although slowly but surely they are shifting in my head to what they are now supposed to be, if that makes sense.

Lastly, I must say that I’ve cried before while reading books.  We probably all have, but nothing, absolutely nothing like I did during this one.  Page after page had me bawling my eyes out.  Even now, just thinking about it, I’m getting weepy.  Damn, that was the saddest scene I have ever read.  Make sure you have your tissue box near by when you get to this one!

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