The Outlaw Demon Wails – The Hollows #6

13 Mar

As I expected from the title, this book in The Hollows series is all about Al, and him trying to get himself out of the trouble he’s in, and causing Rachel a lot of grief in the process.  This one, so far more than any other, has kept me completely captivated.  I was impressed to see Rachel going through the grieving process for Kisten.  In a lot of books, when a character dies, they’re barely ever spoken of again.  Not so here.  Kisten is a shadow throughout the book, coloring thoughts and decisions by both Ivy, and Rachel, and it was nice to see his memory honoured that way.  Made the whole thing a little easier to deal with.

Trent is a mouse burger.  I was starting to like the guy, but his sense of entitlement is really starting to get on my nerves.  In the last book he was prepared to kill, or at least torture, Rachel.  Then in this book he bounces right in expecting her to jump to attention to help him out if he waves enough money in front of her.  Thankfully she turns him down flat, and while they do end up doing it, it is for Rachel’s reasons, not Trent’s.  She then saves his elf ass, then he tries to kill her, again.  The guy really needs to shape up to get back on my good side.

Ceri and Quen have shacked up.  Turns out that while Ceri was interested in Trent, he is terrified of her and her smut covered soul.  Not only have they shacked up, but Ceri is already pregnant.  If you remember from vious books, the elves reason for failing to thrive is in their children’s dna.  It affect the youngsters so that most don’t make it to adulthood.  In order to save Ceri’s baby, Trent wants Rachel to help him steal a tissue sample from the ever after.

In the meantime, Al has decided that enough is enough, and he’s just going to out and out off Rachel.  He’s going back on his agreement not to touch her or her kin, but figures he can get away with it since once Rachel is dead there will be no one to complain.  Needless to say, the last place she wants to be right now is in the ever after.

There were quite a few ‘Holy Crap’ moments in this chapter of The Hollows.  It was a great ride, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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