Every Which Way but Dead – The Hollows #3

29 Feb

4 Stars!

This review contains some general spoilers.

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I’m getting sucked into this little world of Kim Harrison’s.  As with the last book, this one focuses more on the relationships rather than plot.  It isn’t until almost the last third of the book that the plot comes in to play.  That’s not to say that there’s no action, there’s tons throughout.

In this third book we find Rachel trying to avoid Alagiarept at all cost, and with the help of Ceri, the familiar she save from the demon, mostly succeeding.  She runs until Big Al, figures out how to use Rachel, even with her soul.  That is until Al’s plans for Rachel backfire, big time.  So much fun to read!

As for Nick, in the words of Harry Dresden, I so called that one!  In the last book, Rachel had accidentally made her boyfriend Nick into her familiar.  While Nick did his best to ignore what was happening, his fear finally gets the better of him, after a particularly harsh pull of energy that Rachel pulled through him.  At the beginning of this book we find that Nick has pulled away, and it’s been three months since they’ve had any real closeness.  Rachel is doing her best to give him the space he needs, but apparently it isn’t enough, and Nick decides that he needs more physical room away from her.  He leaves promising that he will be back as soon as he’s able, however Rachel, with the help of her friends, realizes that he’s just letting her down easy and she’ll never see him again.  Enter Kisten, stage right.

In book 2, Rachel and Kisten had a very brief interlude, and damn was it hot!  I like the two of them together, they make more sense then her and Nick.  Nick kinda bored me, Kisten doesn’t.  I’ve kept myself pretty much spoiler free for this series, and I really didn’t see anything further happening between the two of them though.  Rachel’s convictions, and previous thoughts on vamps just didn’t make it seem possible, however, living with Ivy for almost a year has proven to her that not all vamps are blood thirsty monsters.  Kisten comes into Rachel’s life with the full intent to seduce her, and makes no appologies for it.  I think that straight up approach makes him the guy for her.  If I thought their previous scene was hot, the one’s in this book are molten.  I have no doubt though that now that Rachel has found happiness, Nick will be back to stir up some angst.

The plot slowly takes shape in this chapter of The Hollows.  With Piscary gone, and Kisten only pretending to be his scion, other powers are trying to weasel into the void. Rachel is tasked not only by Trent, but Takata to take care of this up and comer.  So between dodging Al, insulting Jenks, and taking care of an insurance claim, Rachel’s got a lot to juggle.  If you haven’t dived into The Hollows yet, I’m getting to where I highly recommend you do!


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