The Good, The Bad, The Undead – The Hollows #2

26 Feb

     I liked this second instalment of The Hollows much better than the first.  It’s still not blowing me away but it sure is keeping me interested.

In The Good, The Bad, The Undead we find Rachel struggling to stay afloat as an independent runner.  She’s still living with, and teaming up with Ivy & Jenks, and she seems very unsure of herself, and her place in this new life.  I think Kim Harrison does a good job portraying the realities of being 20 something, on your own, and that constant second guessing of yourself that most people go through at that age.  It makes for a good starting point as we, hopefully, will be able to watch Rachel grow, not only in power, but as a person.

I found this book focused more on the relationships than the overall story arc.  That is a good thing, as we will have a better feel for the world and characters in it as we watch the story unfold.  Rachel’s relationship with Ivy is very complex.  I still hadn’t quite figured out Ivy’s motivations until it was spelled out at the very end.  Up until then, I could not decide if it was love, friendship, or some other nefarious reason that Ivy was after, seems it was a little of both.  I think the confusion during Rachel’s interactions with vamps may be purposely done, as it’s been explained that sex, companionship and bloodlust for the vampires in this world are all very closely related. One thing I can say for sure is that when Rachel and Kisten get together, whatever the motivation, they sure as hell steam up a room!  The same can be said for Rachel and Ivy.  I’m as straight as they come, but I must admit that their scene was kinda hot.

Hot.  Hmmmmm, that brings us to Trent 😉  Am I the only one that sees that even though he’s done some bad stuff, there are hints that his over all end goal is for the greater good?  Of course he’s still a bad boy, which makes him all the sexier.  I really like the foreshadowing going on.  It seems as though Trent & Rachel are going to, one day, make a hell of a powerful team, somehow.  Enough so that it is scaring other bigger powers in the Hollows underground.  We’ll see how long it takes them both to pull their heads out of the sand and admit their initial reactions to one another may have been a bit off.  I did like that Rachel was forced to accept that Trent may not be the psychotic monster she thought he was.

With Trent, and Kist around, what exactly is Rachel doing with Nick?  I think she sees him as safe.  He’s practically a librarian for goodness sakes.  He’s cute, in a nerdy sort of way, stable, chivalrous, and wants to take care of her.  Their relationship is uncomplicated, and they enjoy each others company.  Again, it’s safe.  That was until she realized that Nick, a magic practising human, had broken his promise and is continuing to summon Algeriarept on a regular basis.  As this book unfolded you can see Rachel getting more and more weary of Nick’s choices.  I do not think Nick will be around a whole lot longer, as she realizes just how far from safe he’s becoming.

Along with all of this character, and relationship development, there was a plot, a good plot.  I won’t go into too many details since my review is long enough, but I will say that I liked the answers we were given, and how it related to the happenings in the first book.  There were a few “Holy Crap!’ revelations, including what exactly Trent is. OOoooo, and the ending was a lot of fun!!!


Have you read the The Good, The Bad, The Undead?  What did you think?



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